Our inspections meet the requirements of NFPA 25 and the Authority having Jurisdictions requirements. Compliance engine service can be provided for a small service fee.   Upon completion of the inspection, all reports are provided to you via email or fax (however you prefer) within a week.  In addition,  a letter will be provided with cost associated with any corrective actions, if any.   

Wet Sprinkler Systems
Automatic sprinkler system where piping contains water so that upon the instance of a fire, water discharges instantly at the location of heat source (All sprinklers do not activate as portrayed on TV).
Dry Systems
Automatic sprinkler system where piping contains pressurized air;  upon the instance of a fire, the sprinkler heads release pressure, the system’s valve then allows water into the system, and water is discharged at the activated sprinkler head.
Pre-Action Systems
Automatic sprinkler system where piping may or may not be pressurized and once a supplemental detection sensor is activated in the area of the sprinklers, water is allowed into the system and then discharged at the activated sprinkler head.
Anti-Freeze Systems
A wet sprinkler system incorporated with an anti-freeze solution. This allows for installation in areas that are exposed to freezing temperatures.
Deluge Systems
Automatic sprinkler system that utilizes open sprinkler heads. The heads are connected to pipe without water. A deluge valve allows water into the system when a detection system which is installed in the area of the sprinklers, activates. Once this occurs, all of the sprinklers discharge water. The deluge system is most similar to the fire sprinklers you often see in movies.
Fire Pumps
A device installed when water pressure present is not substantial enough to supply the sprinkler system. Fire Pumps ensure additional pressure is provided to the sprinkler system when needed.  

Our Services

Our Promise

System Types:

24HR Emergency Service

We know "stuff happens".  Well, if "stuff happens" we will be there for you! What ever the situation, our technicians can get your system back in service or temporarily in service until additional repairs can be made.


Our installation and service technicians are trained to work around various conditions from existing offices, new warehouses to the food and beverage industry.  What ever the situation, you can count on a professional team while on your new jobsite or at your existing facility.


As a service to our clients, we provide estimates at NO CHARGE. From answering questions on the phone to on site analysis, our number one "Goal" is to provide you with the information and services you need to maintain an existing fire sprinkler system compliant with todays NFPA standards. In addition, we develop new system cost analysis and provide budgetary pricing at a competitive rate.   

Design & Consultation:

We design our own systems utilizing Auto Cad.  Our designs are drawn with respects to the Authority having Jurisdiction, Architects and Engineers job specifications.  We also design build systems to meet your needs.


When you need us, we promise to be there for you. With today's fast paced construction schedules, we promise to fulfill our obligation to meet deadlines with the upmost professionalism!  

Residential or Commercial

We've got all your needs covered: 

  • Sales
  • Residential systems
  • Multi-Family Facilities
  • Existing fire sprinkler modifications
  • Service/repairs
  • New installation
  • Back flow prevention testing and certification
  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Fire Sprinkler System Inspections
  • Auto Cad Design
  • Consultation